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Sunday, March 23rd, 2008
10:42 pm
Cargo Cult Science Community
I've started a new community called cargocltscience -- focusing on junk science like creationism, homeopathy, new age "medicine", and similar kinds of things that make scientific claims without any real science to back up the claims. This community isn't just for the skeptics, the folks who want to support the claims of cargo cult science are welcome to join. This is a community that is just starting out, so I am really not trying to define any rules or what is on topic or off topic... we will just have to see where things go.
Thursday, March 20th, 2008
11:22 pm
General Welcome.
Hello and welcome to the new group "we are skeptical..." I am Scott "Shaded Spriter" Harrison, a Durham based Skeptical atheist who noticed that the maintainer of the old ljskeptics  group has been purged from the site...along with half of the members of the group. I decided to create a new group to help bring more general skepticism to livejournal.
11:17 pm
Why Won't people listen?
(Cross-posted in[info]ljskeptics originally.)

Tonight my mum paid £17 to have a psychic reading, along with 5 other women in my family.

Naturally being the skeptic I am, I tried to warn her about how psychic scams worked, about cold reading etc. how it was a waste of money and that no one has ever been scientifically tested to have psychic powers (I even mentioned the million dollar challenge once.) no matter what I said she just ignored me.

Now tonight, she is listening to the recording of the psychic reading from earlier tonight. "What a load of shit." I stood there for about ten seconds..."WHY ON EARTH DIDN'T YOU LISTEN TO ME?!?!"

has anyone else experiences something similar with their friends or family...
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