Scott John "Shaded Spriter" Harrison (shadedspriter) wrote in weareskeptical,
Scott John "Shaded Spriter" Harrison

Why Won't people listen?

(Cross-posted in[info]ljskeptics originally.)

Tonight my mum paid £17 to have a psychic reading, along with 5 other women in my family.

Naturally being the skeptic I am, I tried to warn her about how psychic scams worked, about cold reading etc. how it was a waste of money and that no one has ever been scientifically tested to have psychic powers (I even mentioned the million dollar challenge once.) no matter what I said she just ignored me.

Now tonight, she is listening to the recording of the psychic reading from earlier tonight. "What a load of shit." I stood there for about ten seconds..."WHY ON EARTH DIDN'T YOU LISTEN TO ME?!?!"

has anyone else experiences something similar with their friends or family...
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