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weareskeptical's Journal

We are Skeptical of your Claim.
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All Members , Moderated
We don't believe everything we hear.
Anyone can join this community, but there are some rules you have to follow.


1. Rants about your experiences with pseudoscience, irrational believes, fraudsters and conspiricy theorists.
2. Telling people about skeptical or scientific news, youtube videos, podcasts or any other rational media on the web.
3. Complaints about how mainstream media has not been skeptical or scientific in a news story.
4. Questions about what data exists on any subject.
5. anything else intelligent.
6. You can talk about religion - but only when it comes to claims by said religion (miracles etc) which happen in the real world.

Not Allowed:
1. Sprouting unsubstantiated claims. If you have evidence show it.
2. Asking us to prove a negative.
3. Complaining about religious views. (Fundamental Christians complaining about homosexuals, Fundamental Islam treatment of women etc) there are enough atheist communities for that.
4. Not use adequate spelling and grammar. (i.e. "I DNT 8LEAF THATRD!!""!"£1231")